Is Playing Guitar Really Attractive?

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You may have seen those movies where a girl’s eyes light up as a guitar starts getting played. When you look at guitarists like Keith Richards or Lenny Kravitz, you can’t help but being impressed by their appearance, perhaps even feeling some sense of attraction. You might think to yourself, will playing guitar make me more attractive?

It’s fair to say that having a skill like playing guitar is attractive. An article in the Daily Mail claims that men who play guitar are instantly 90% more attractive.

That’s good news! But let’s explore further and find out: Is Playing Guitar Really Attractive?

Why Is Playing Guitar Attractive?

Playing guitar is commonly associated with being more sensitive. Having an interest in the arts and being able to recreate art in the form of music makes the player also seem more ‘deep’. When looking for someone to be a potential love interest these things are desired.

Being able to play a potential love interest’s favorite song is also a bonus. They might be impressed by your skill to recreate the sound they love, or your ability to improvise over it. Either way, being able to hear their favorite songs at any time is always good.

Being able to play guitar can also make someone seem more ‘authentic’. As the music is physically coming out of the acoustic guitar, or the amplifier right in front of their eyes, rather than through a computer. This makes the player seem to have an aura of musicality.

Playing guitar is also associated with being on stage and performing. Anyone confident enough to perform on stage may be well suited to performing under other circumstances, if you know what I mean…

Is Playing Guitar Really Attractive Non-Romantically?

So far we have only explored the romantic side of guitar playing. There is also attraction to be made in a more platonic sense. Playing guitar is a great hobby that can introduce you to new friends and see you forging new life long relationships.

Forming a band or going and playing shows around the country is a great way to meet people. You might support a band that end up wanting you to join them, or you might meet someone at the venue who shares your love for a certain type of music. Guitar playing unites people.

YouTube’s guitar playing community is a huge one. People post videos about guitar playing and fun musical experiments. Getting involved in that will be a great way to attract people to you. Whether in a romantic sense of not.

Proof That Playing Guitar is Attractive

Apparently, in one study as much as 54% of Scottish women were most drawn to men that play guitar. This can’t be a coincidence. Part of the attraction must be linked to the image of a guitar player having a rebellious spirit and an attachment to counter culture. Playing music and touring rather than working 9 to 5.

Is Electric or Acoustic Guitar More Attractive?

Whether you strum by the fireside or rock out onstage, the effects are similar. People of the opposite sex will be impressed and attracted to you. However, there are some who will be very much put off by the guitar coming out at a party. It might be a bit of a gamble? 

Is Playing Guitar In a Band or Solo More Attractive?

Guitarists who play in a band often get noticed during the guitar solo. It is an opportunity for them to outshine the singer and shows their skills amongst the backdrop of the rest of the band. But, guitarists performing on their own, whilst singing, will still receive the most attention. If you are a singer songwriter, attractive points go way up!


Guitar is not always a sure-fire way to attract people. Other aspects of a person are very important too. Things like personal hygiene, personality, and dress sense are just as important. So Is Playing Guitar Really Attractive, or is it a combination of these other things?

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket, playing guitar is not the only way to attract someone. It may well help you along the way but it’s best to keep the other things in check too, just to be sure.

Think About It…

So, from what we’ve talked about, it seems that guitar playing does work in attracting people. But ask yourself this, do you want to play guitar only to attract people?

Playing guitar is great for other reasons.

Rather than picking up guitar just to impress and attract people, why not see it as a way to improve yourself? This will change your mindset to understanding that being able to commit to learning a skill is an attractive trait rather than just the guitar itself.

After all, will you just stop as soon as you’ve attracted the person you wanted to? With this attitude in mind you may never get to a level of playing guitar that actually impresses people. To learn to play guitar you have to be all about learning it for the music rather than the people it attracts.

Believe me, there are other ways to attract people. But, if you love music and want to know, Is Playing Guitar Really Attractive? The answer is undoubtedly a yes.

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