Guitar Tricks Review: Worth It in 2023?

is guitar tricks worth it

Mastering the guitar is no easy feat. It demands passion, perseverance, consistent practice, and guidance from accomplished tutors.

If you’re eager to maximize your guitar potential and evolve into a proficient musician, Guitar Tricks is one avenue to consider.

But there’s no shortage of online guitar tutorials available today. So the question remains: is Guitar Tricks any good? And perhaps more importantly (since it’s a paid platform), is Guitar Tricks worth it?

In this evaluation, I’ll delve into how Guitar Tricks compares with other platforms. Discover the methodology behind Guitar Tricks lessons, aspects I appreciate about the platform, membership options, and determine if Guitar Tricks is the right guitar lesson platform for you.

Guitar Tricks: At a Glance

Benefits I Cherish About Guitar Tricks:

  • Comprehensive Guided Learning Path that’s intuitive and user-friendly.
  • Access to over 11,000+ lessons, catering to various skill levels.
  • Direct feedback mechanism from world-class instructors.
  • Real-time application with Made Easy song versions.
  • A variety of tools to aid your learning journey, including a tuner, chord finder, and more.
  • Free trial available.

How Do Guitar Tricks Lessons Work?

One admirable aspect of Guitar Tricks is the comprehensive array of guitar courses tailored for varied skill sets.

You are presented with a guided learning path that is effortless to follow. From Guitar Fundamentals to advanced levels in Blues, Country, Rock, and Acoustic, students can progress at their comfort and speed:

Each style course also incorporates vital music theory topics to further bolster your understanding.

What sets Guitar Tricks apart is its focus on real music. They integrate actual songs into their curriculum, ensuring that the learning experience remains engaging and not just centered around drills.

Plus, if you’re someone who values feedback, Guitar Tricks excels in this domain:

You can send a video of your performance, and dedicated instructors will revert with constructive feedback. For those seeking a more personal touch, 1 on 1 Zoom lessons with an instructor are available.

With Guitar Tricks, you’re just a few videos away from refining your musical prowess. Plus, you can get a feel for how Guitar Tricks works by signing up for their free trial.

Noteworthy Features

Before subscribing to any online course, it’s essential to know precisely what the lessons offer.

Guitar Tricks promises seamless access to their platform. After registration, all 11,000+ lesson videos are readily accessible on their site. Additionally, they’re systematically organized into courses and tutorials, ensuring your learning path remains structured.

Guitar Tricks stands out in terms of flexibility. They’ve ensured their platform is accessible not only via computers but also through dedicated apps for both Apple and Android devices.

Their comprehensive approach ensures that each tutorial or lesson course offers multi-angle videos, written scripts, guitar tabs, and a clear table of contents to facilitate self-paced learning. Plus, the incorporation of relevant music theory topics in their song lessons assists in better song comprehension.

Furthermore, Guitar Tricks is confident in their teaching methodology. If, for any reason, you aren’t satisfied, they offer a full refund within 60 days of the initial purchase date. Or, you can sample all of these features by signing up for a Guitar Tricks free trial.

Value for Money: Plans & Pricing

When contemplating joining Guitar Tricks, you’ll appreciate the transparency in their pricing. With their Full Access subscriptions, you’re granted complete access to all their resources, with no hidden charges. When you evaluate the plethora of content offered, the value is undeniable.

For the price of a single 30-minute face-to-face guitar lesson, you receive an entire month of in-depth resources on Guitar Tricks.

Is Guitar Tricks Any Good?

When assessing online guitar lessons, the most pressing question is undoubtedly: “Is it any good?” Given the vast array of online platforms offering guitar lessons, it’s a worthwhile question.

Here’s an in-depth exploration of Guitar Tricks’ strengths and where it stands in the online music space compared to some of its peers:

  • Historical Legacy: Guitar Tricks isn’t a newcomer to the world of online music education. Since its inception in 1998, they’ve pioneered online guitar lessons. Over the years, they’ve refined and honed their teaching methodologies. By training over 4 million guitar players, their reputation speaks for itself.

  • Comprehensive Curriculum: The diversity in their lesson library is genuinely commendable. With over 11,000 lessons spanning from the basics to more advanced styles like Blues, Country, Rock, and Acoustic, there’s something for everyone. Whether you’re a novice or an expert, Guitar Tricks caters to all skill levels.

  • Real Song Integration: One of Guitar Tricks’ standout features is their Made Easy song versions. Instead of merely focusing on drills, they incorporate actual songs into the learning process, making lessons engaging and fun.

  • Expert Instructors: The quality of instructors is paramount in any educational setting. At Guitar Tricks, students receive guidance from world-class experts dedicated to their growth. The option to receive direct feedback or even schedule 1 on 1 Zoom sessions is invaluable.

  • User Feedback: With over 1,000 5-star reviews, the student feedback underscores the platform’s efficacy. Most users highlight the structured learning path, quality of instructors, and the real-music approach as key factors in their positive experiences.

  • Value Proposition: Considering the breadth of content, tools, and direct instructor access, the subscription offers a bang for your buck. For the price of a single in-person lesson, you gain a month’s worth of comprehensive resources.

Bottom line? Considering the perks above, it’s clear that Guitar Tricks isn’t merely good. It’s exceptional!

Whether you’re kickstarting your guitar journey or seeking to elevate your skills, Guitar Tricks promises a holistic learning experience that’s hard to rival.

Guitar Tricks Free Trial

One of the most reassuring features for new users is the opportunity to sample a service before making a commitment. Guitar Tricks understands this, and that’s why they offer a 14 day free trial. This allows potential students to experience the platform’s unique teaching method, browse through their extensive lesson library, and even interact with some of the world-class instructors.

If you’re on the fence about joining, the free trial is an excellent way to see if Guitar Tricks aligns with your learning style and goals. And the best part? You can access this free trial directly through my special link:

🎸 Click here to start your Guitar Tricks Free Trial

Remember, there’s absolutely no obligation to continue after the trial, but given the platform’s track record and the testimonials from satisfied students, there’s a good chance you’ll want to stay on and continue your guitar journey with Guitar Tricks.

So, why wait? Dive into the world of guitar with confidence, knowing you have nothing to lose and a world of musical knowledge to gain with a Guitar Tricks free trial.

Bottom Line | So, Is Guitar Tricks Worth It?

All things considered, I firmly believe Guitar Tricks offers invaluable lessons and resources for anyone eager to enhance their guitar skills.

Their renowned lineup of instructors combined with the unique feedback mechanism, especially in an online course setting, is commendable.

While the membership might seem a tad steep for some, considering the sheer volume of resources, expertise, and overall experience, it’s a worthy investment for those genuinely passionate about mastering the guitar.

Don’t forget: you can try Guitar Tricks for free here.

Corbin Buff

Corbin has played guitar for over a decade, and started writing about it on Acoustic World in an effort to help others. He lives and writes in western Montana.

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