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Corbin from Acoustic World

Thanks for checking out Acoustic World! My name’s Corbin, and I’ve been playing the guitar for over 10 years now. I started out on the electric but slowly fell in love with the acoustic guitar, as well as folk, country and bluegrass music.

On Acoustic World, I share everything I’ve learned about the guitar over the years. However, I also understand that people prefer to learn things in different ways – especially when it comes to complex subjects like the guitar. So if you’re more of a visual learner, you can follow me on the Acoustic World YouTube Channel, where I produce new videos every week.

For book lovers, I also have some books on guitar available, some of which are free.

To see what gear I recommend, head over to the Reviews area, where I walk you through my favorite acoustic guitars and accessories.

bluegrass circle
Me playing acoustic music with some friends here in Montana

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