Are Seagull Guitars Any Good?

Seagull Guitar S6

Seagull guitars are notorious in the acoustic guitar world as a bang-for-your-buck option. They can be distinguished by their narrow headstock.

Although seagull guitars are extremely popular, many players still wonder: are seagull guitars good?

Seagull Guitars are great instruments for the money. For beginners or for those shopping on a budget, they provide one of the best bang-for-your-buck options on the market.

However, there are a few more important things you should know before you pull the trigger on buying a Seagull guitar.

Are Seagull Guitars Handmade?

Yes, seagull guitars are handmade in Canada.

Are Seagull Guitars Solid Wood?

All Seagull guitars are made with select, pressure tested solid wood tops, ensuring a rich and full sound.

Are Seagull Guitars Easy to Play?

Given the high quality of the instrument, many beginner guitarists find Seagull guitars easy to play. This is simply because having a great guitar actually makes the learning and playing process easier. Players are more likely to practice, and to want to play, if the guitar plays smoother and sounds better.

So because the Seagull guitars are higher quality than their more cheaply-made competitors on the market, they are often easier to play too.

Where are Seagull Guitars Made?

Seagull guitars are handmade by the company in Canada.

Why are Seagull Guitars So Cheap?

So how is Seagull able to offer high-quality, hand-made guitars at such a great price point? No one is entirely sure.

Seagull likely gets the wood use to build their guitars domestically at a great price. Then, they’re also able to import them into the US at a cheaper price point as well.

What is the Best Seagull Acoustic Guitar?

Ready to get your hands on a Seagull guitar of your own? I recommend the Seagull S6 (on Amazon), one of Seagull’s original, award-winning models. The slim neck and solid-wood cedar top combine to make for incredible tone and playability.

You can learn more about the Seagull S6 and pick up a model quickly, and cheaply here on Amazon.

The Seagull S6 on Amazon

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