Books By Corbin Buff

Fingerpicking & Flatpicking Guitar Guide – *FREE*

A free guide to fingerpicking and flatpicking guitar.

You’ll learn:

-Which picking style is right for YOU

-Examples, history, and popular players of each style

-Fingerpicking and flatpicking technique

-Pros and cons of each approach

-And much more

Bluegrass Guitar for Beginners: A Crash Course Guide

Discover all the fundamentals of bluegrass guitar, including essentials licks, chords, and more.


-The best guitars for bluegrass music

-The 3 easy chords that unlock hundreds of bluegrass songs

-Essential strumming patterns and flatpicking licks

-A crash course on crosspicking

-And much more

Now Available: eBook

Buying, Caring for, and Maintaining Your Acoustic Guitar – The Ultimate Guide

The ultimate guide to choosing, maintaining, and caring for your instrument for a lifetime to come.


-What to look for in tonewoods

-Whether to buy used or new

-How to care for the fretboard

-The best ways and resources to teach yourself guitar for FREE

-And much more

Now Available: Print | eBook

Free Preview:

Now Available: Print | eBook