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learning guitar online

The internet has made learning things so much more accessible, and it’s no different when learning the guitar. Still, many people are skeptical. They wonder: Can You Really Learn the Guitar Online?

It’s definitely possible to learn guitar online. The Internet has allowed us to access millions of videos, articles, and tutorials about learning guitar. There’s never been an easier time to learn. 

But it still takes persistence, strategy, and commitment to master the guitar via the virtual world. In order to effectively learn the guitar online, you must be learning in a progressive, structured way. 

Overall, you can learn learn the guitar online if you follow the right steps. Below we’ll explore exactly why learning the guitar online is entirely possible, and also give you an action plan to start learning guitar online today.

Learning Guitar Online Has Never Been Easier

With the abundance of tutorials, courses, lessons, and tabs online it’s now easier than ever to learn your favorite songs on guitar.

The Internet has given us the opportunity to learn skills and crafts that we would have never learned otherwise. Online learning also allows you to learn at your own pace without being dictated by an instructor.

Of course, mastering the guitar online isn’t as simple as merely watching a few YouTube videos and reading a few articles and there has to be a progression in your learning.  

Whilst it’s certainly possible to learn the guitar online you still need some structure in your learning to help you navigate through your journey. 

How To Learn Guitar Online Effectively

Learning how to master the guitar online is all about strategy. 

For one, you need to figure out how often you’ll be practicing and then stick with that schedule. 

For example, if you wish to practice three days a week figure out which three days and then do your best to maintain that structure. 

Whilst learning guitar is largely about consistency, another huge facet in your training is the quality of your practice sessions.

Progress: The Key to Learning Guitar Online

The main objective of guitar practice is to leave the session with a skill or technique that you didn’t possess before. 

If you wish to improve on the guitar, it’s vital that you challenge yourself to learn something new with every passing lesson. This way, you ensure that you’re continually progressing on the instrument, and not just spinning your wheels.

There are a whole host of free guitar courses on websites like YouTube and the best ones will regularly push your abilities to the absolute max. To start learning on YouTube, here’s some of my favorite channels

Where Are The Best Places to Learn Guitar Online?

As mentioned above, YouTube is a goldmine for guitar learners.

There are thousands of video tutorials and courses out there for all abilities to enjoy – they’re also completely free. Here are some of the best free channels.

Some guitar teachers do offer a paid service via their website or YouTube channel but the vast majority of guitar information exists already in the public domain. 

There’s also the option of hiring an online guitar tutor if you have the money. 

Online tutors can help focus your learning and make sure you’re picking up relevant skills instead of just learning the same things over and over again. 

Their services offer you a chance to progress at a rate that may not be possible on your own. Furthermore, an instructor will be able to pinpoint the mistakes that you are making and help correct you on your journey. 

Also Consider: Virtual Guitar Courses/Instructors

While not everyone can afford virtual guitar courses or instructors, they’re a great option as well, and still much cheaper than an in-person teacher would be.

Truefire is my number one favorite resource for learning the guitar online. It’s actually a digital guitar school or collection of online streaming courses. But the reason I like it so much is because TrueFire brings in some of the best guitarists ever and get them to teach what they’re passionate about playing.

This means their site is full of hundreds of different professional guitarists, all teaching the music that they specialize in and are passionate about. It’s pretty amazing. To get a feel for Truefire‘s style, here’s an hour-long acoustic guitar course they uploaded absolutely for free:

How to Start Learning Guitar Online

After you’ve decided which online courses, videos, and blogs to follow, you’ll next need to decide on what training schedule fits you best. A solid guideline would be to practice for ninety minutes at least twice a week.

Practicing for hours on end will cause burnout and may lead to you become apathetic to your lessons. Practicing too little will stagnate your progress meaning you never reach that next level.

You want to find the sweet spot for practice sessions and stick with a schedule that is both attainable and productive. You can then progress your learning accordingly and with enough persistence and consistency you’ll be an online guitar wizard in no time. 

One way to stay engaged is by learning some of your favorite songs! This is actually one of the fastest ways to progress on the guitar and learn online. That’s why I wrote up a resource on FIFTY acoustic songs that are perfect for beginners. You can check it out here to start learning.

Ready to Get Better at Guitar, Faster?

Whenever you’re ready to take your guitar playing to the next level, check out a few of my favorite resources below:

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