Bluegrass Potatoes – What Are They? (and How to Play Them)

bluegrass potatoes guitar lesson

Here’s a quick little bluegrass concept or trick i wanted to share with you: these are called potatoes. I actually didn’t know that until some fiddle friends shared that term with me, but basically bluegrass potatoes are a way to start off traditional bluegrass songs, irish songs, fiddle tunes, reels, or other acoustic songs.

Seed Potatoes - The Secrets Revealed x
Seed Potatoes - The Secrets Revealed

They all kind of start with these droning notes that you play before the actual song starts off to kind of get people prepared for it:

*MUST KNOW* Bluegrass G Lick - “Potatoes” for Starting Songs Off - Easy Bluegrass Guitar Lesson

So those are potatoes and there’s a couple of different ways to play them on the guitar, as you can see in the video above. So that’s really it, I just wanted to share that with you so that you can use potatoes to spice up the beginning of your bluegrass song. Hope you enjoyed it!

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