Are Elixir Guitar Strings Any Good?

are elixir guitar strings good?

Elixir guitar strings are famous for their ability to hold their tone longer than regular guitar strings. They do this with their unique coating that acts as a polymer around the string. This coating help prevents rust, corrosion, and other wear that causes guitar strings to deteriorate over time. As a result, Elixir guitar strings are able to last much longer than regular guitar strings.

However, there are many questions involving elixir guitar strings, their coating, and more. We’ll dive into some of the most common questions about elixir strings below.

How Long Do Elixir Guitar Strings Last?

Elixir guitar strings last around 6 months at least. Many players find they can get 9 months to a year’s worth of playing out of the same pair of elixir strings.

In this post I go into way more detail about how long elixir strings last, and even include some video demos of one-year-old and five-year-old elixir guitar string sound tests. Even after all these years, elixir guitar strings hold their tone and sound good.

How Often Should You Change Elixir Guitar Strings?

Since elixir guitar strings last longer, that also means you don’t have to change them as often. Many players leave their elixir strings on until the coating starts to visibly wear down, or until they break a string.

Other than that, you can expect to change elixir guitar strings every 6 months or longer.

Are Elixir Strings Made in China?

Elixir guitar strings are made and packaged in the USA.

Are Elixir Strings Worth It?

Elixir strings are worth the extra cost because they last so much longer. If you go through multiple packs of uncoated strings every 6 months, and only use one pack of elixirs because they last longer, then the elixir strings are worth the extra cost.

I go into more detail about whether elixir strings and coated strings are worth the extra cost in this post here.

What are the Best Elixir Strings for Fingerstyle?

My number one choice for acoustic fingerpicking strings is Elixir’s Nanoweb guitar strings. These strings are coated with Elixir’s famous Nanoweb technology. This means there is a thin polymer coating around the surface of the guitar strings, which gives them a smooth feel but more importantly allows them to last much longer.

Elixir Nanoweb Acoustic Strings (on Amazon)

What Are The Best Elixir Strings for Electric Guitar?

For electric guitar, I recommend the elixir polyweb strings (on Amazon). The polyweb coating helps the strings last very long but is not so thick that it makes the strings overly slippery. It’s a perfect in between that I think most electric guitarists will enjoy.

Elixir Polyweb Electric Strings (on Amazon)

What are the Best Elixir Strings for Acoustic Guitar?

The best elixir strings for acoustic guitar are Elixir’s Nanoweb Strings (on Amazon). These can last for months at a time. And, most important of all, the nanoweb’s have the perfect mix of boom, range, twang, and brightness that acoustic music is known for.

Elixir Nanoweb Acoustic Strings (on Amazon)

What’s the Difference Between Optiweb, Polyweb, and Nanoweb strings?

Elixir makes nanoweb, optiweb and polyweb strings. The main difference between these strings is in the type and amount of coating they apply to the string. I have a full article where I discuss these differences between optiweb, polyweb, and nanoweb strings.

You can read it here to learn more.

The Ultimate Guide to Elixir Guitar Strings

Still have more questions about elixir guitar strings? I’ve written a number of articles about them over the years. Here’s a guide to some common elixir guitar string questions:

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