15 Easy Songs to Play and Sing on Guitar (with Chords & Tabs)

best easy songs to play and sing on guitar

Playing guitar is great, but nothing compares to playing and singing on the guitar at the same time. The trouble is that playing and singing simultaneously can be hard to learn.

Never fear! I’m coming at you with 15 songs that are easy to play and sing on the guitar. These are great songs for both the acoustic and electric guitar, and we’ll cover a bunch of artists and genres.

I’ve also included chords, tabs, and video lessons for each singing to make singing and playing as easy as possible.

One final note before we get started: don’t forget to tune your guitar! These songs won’t sound right if your guitar is out of tune… If you need a great tuner, here’s my favorite clip-on guitar tuner (on Amazon).

Also: you will need a capo to play some of these songs. If you don’t have a capo (or want to upgrade to a better one) here’s my favorite capo (on Amazon).

Now strap in and grab your guitar to get started on these 15 Easy Songs to Play and Sing on Guitar:

When I Come Around – Green Day

When I Come Around Chords

When I Come Around Video Guitar Lesson

When I Come Around is a Green Day classic, from the third album Dookie. It was the band’s most popular single in their early recording career, until Boulevard of Broken Dreams hit the airwaves.

The song remains an alternative rock classic and is pretty easy to sing and play on guitar at the same time.

Sweet Home Alabama – Lynyrd Skynyrd

Sweet Home Alabama Chords

Sweet Home Alabama Video Guitar Lesson

We all know Sweet Home Alabama, one of Lynyrd Skynyrd’s most popular tunes. But do you know how easy it is to play on the guitar? The song uses just 4-5 chords, making it an excellent choice for beginner singers or guitarists to learn.

Wagon Wheel – Old Crow Medicine Show

Wagon Wheel Chords

Wagon Wheel Video Guitar Lesson

Wagon Wheel is one of the few bluegrass songs that have made it into the mainstream, bringing bluegrass to a much larger following. If you’re looking to get started playing bluegrass guitar, the song also has a simple chord structure that will make a nice foundation for later bluegrass guitar playing and singing.

Jumper – Third Eye Blind

Jumper Chords

Jumper Video Guitar Lesson

This is my favorite third eye blind tune, and an easy one to learn since it uses just 5 chords.

This is a song everyone is sure to recognize regardless of their musical taste, so it’s a great all-around crowd pleaser to play and sing on the electric or acoustic guitar.

Wish You Were Here – Pink Floyd

Wish You Were Here Chords

Wish You Were Here Video Guitar Lesson

This is one of Pink Floyd’s easier songs and one that sounds great on both the acoustic guitar and electric guitar. Since it has a slower pace, it’s also a great one to practice your singing.

Chasing Cars – Snow Patrol

Chasing Cars Chords

Chasing Cars Video Guitar Lesson

Chasing Cars is a great song to whip out at a party to unleash some instant nostalgia. Luckily, the song is easy enough to learn on guitar that you’ll be able to remember it even at the height of the party 😉

Harvest Moon – Neil Young

Harvest Moon Chords

Harvest Moon Video Guitar Lesson

From Neil Young’s album of the same name, Harvest Moon is one of the singer-songwriters better known tracks. Sound like one of the fathers of folk with this simple 5 chord song.

Better Together – Jack Johnson

Better Together Chords

Better Together Video Guitar Lesson

Everyone’s got a little Jack Johnson in them. Johnson’s songs are great for a lazy morning or an afternoon on the beach. Embrace his laid back feel with Better Together – one of his easier songs to play and sing on the acoustic guitar.

She Talks to Angels – The Black Crowes

She Talks to Angels Chords

She Talks to Angels Video Guitar Lesson

Bring back memories of the 90s with the Black Crowe’s classic She Talks to Angels. With just 3 simple chords (E, B, A) this is one of the easiest songs on this list.

Horse With No Name – America

Horse With No Name Chords

Horse With No Name Video Guitar Lesson

Horse with No Name is one of America’s classic tracks – one that nearly everyone will recognize from the radio. It’s also a simple song to play, with just 4 chords on the guitar.

I Won’t Back Down – Tom Petty

I Won’t Back Down Chords

I Won’t Back Down Video Guitar Lesson

Tom Petty has so many great songs that you need to learn at least one of them. One of my favorites, and one of the easiest to play and sing is I Won’t Back Down. With inspiring lyrics and an easy melody, this classic is a must-learn for any classic rock fan.

You Might Think – The Cars

You Might Think Chords

You Might Think Video Guitar Lesson

The cars have some of the catchiest pop-rock hits in history, and You Might Think is one of their catchiest.

Learn this easy song by the Cars and your friends will never get it out of their heads!

If You Want to Sing Out – Cat Stevens

If You Want to Sing Out Chords

If You Want to Sing Out Video Guitar Lesson

Cat Stevens wrote and played some of the best acoustic music of the 70s. Many of his songs are relatively simple to play, built out of a foundation of C, G, and A minor chords. If You Want to Sing Out is a great “first learn” for any Cat Stevens connoisseur.

Big Me – Foo Fighters

Big Me Chords

Big Me Video Guitar Lesson

One of the Foo Fighter’s best tracks in my opinion – Big Me is a great easy one to learn on the acoustic guitar.

I Walk The Line – Johnny Cash

I Walk the Line Chords

I Walk the Line Video Guitar Lesson

And of course, we’ve gotta have some Johnny Cash on the list. While Cash’s deep baritone is intimidating and hard to recreate, the chord structure and melody of most of his songs are pretty straightforward. Give this one a shot.

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