The Top 10 Best Buckethead Acoustic Songs

best buckethead acoustic songs

Buckethead is typically known as a shredder, but he is actually a masterful composer of acoustic music. The 10 acoustic songs below represent my favorite findings across several of his different albums through the years. All are magical and completely transporting. I recommend listing with headphones with your eyes closed. I think you’ll see what I mean.

Here are the The Top 10 Best Buckethead Acoustic Songs:

Dawn Appears

Listening to this with your eyes closed will transport you to another place only Buckethead can take you to. This one almost feels like an acoustic version of Soothsayer at the very beginning, but then takes you to a realm of warmth and euphoria that is completely unique.

For Mom

This song was written for Buckethead’s mom, who was sick with colon cancer, and he wrote it for her so she could listen and enjoy something during her treatment. She sadly passed away in 2014. Personally, this is my favorite Buckethead song apart from Soothsayer. The raw emotion in this iteration of the song is unmatched.

All in the Waiting

This acoustic song perfectly captures Buckethead’s ability to make you feel happy and sad at the same time. This song is so touching and beautiful, inspiring nostalgia and reflection on life. The entire album is one of Buckethead’s best, and one of the most beautiful musical creations ever recorded by anyone

Beyond the Knowing

Beyond the Knowing is another one of my absolute favorite pieces by Buckethead. His acoustic guitar almost sounds like a harp here. The song shows that music can be “fast” and beautiful at the same time.

Pearson Square

Pearson’s Square has a different vibe than the previous songs, mostly because it features some drums rather than just Buckethead alone on acoustic. Still, it has a stripped-down melancholic feel that is classic Buckethead.

Sketches of Spain

Sketches of Spain is Buckethead’s incredible acoustic tribute to Miles Davis. For those who do not know, Sketches of Spain is an album from Miles, and this does a very honorable job in comparison. There is perhaps nothing more difficult than capturing the beauty of the Spanish countryside in music, but this song achieves it!

Heart’s Delight

A soft and relaxing acoustic tune that touches the soul. Heart’s Delight is my favorite song from this album.

Twice with the Sledge

An overlooked gem with flamenco undertones. Twice with the Sledge one of the most criminally underrated Buckethead songs.

Watching the Boats with My Dad

An undeniable tear-jerker of understated beauty. I find this song extremely calming. It just goes to show how even simple melodies, if played correctly, can instigate a trance-like state.


This is the song you hear when you watch the timeline of your life play back all the little things we tend to not be aware of; like the beginning of a childhood friendship as it plays the progression of you turning older and eventually growing out of the older friendships and reminiscing over all the good memories and how pure and innocent we were as children, only focusing on what mattered most at that time and nothing else; pure awareness.

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