Is ArtistWorks Worth It? ArtistWorks Full Review (2022)

ArtistWorks guitar lessons review

Becoming a good guitarist isn’t a walk in the park. It takes effort, dedication, regular practice, and guidance from great instructors.

Artistworks is an online music lesson for musicians of any skill level to learn the ropes of music.
If you want to “do more” with your guitar and become a more skilled musician, Artistworks is for you.

That said, there are a lot of online guitar lesson programs out there. In this review, we’ll explore how ArtistWorks stacks up against the competition. You’ll learn how ArtistWorks lessons work, what I like about the platform, plans and pricing, and whether Artistworks is the right guitar lesson program for you.

How Do ArtistWorks Guitar Lessons Work?

One of the cool things about ArtistWorks is that you have different guitar courses and learning durations to choose from.

The course could be anywhere from 1-month Rookie course to 1-year dobro class for transitioning into a pro – these are available to access and learn anytime as long as you have enrolled and set up a student account.

If you learn better in an interactive environment, you’re in luck because the Artistsworks system is designed to be incredibly interactive. You can upload a video and an instructor will reach out for honest feedback and guidance. This personal feedback option is one of their more unique offerings.

With Artistworks, you’re only some videos and a couple of instructors away from achieving a better level of musical ability.

You can check out this quick video to get an inside look at everything ArtistWorks offers:

Artistworks is open to everyone, and they offer a variety of lessons on different instruments. They even offer lessons on singing and vocals.

What I like about ArtistWorks:

  • Unlimited, undisturbed access to great guitar lessons
  • Interactive music theory workshops for students
  • Video upload options with personalized feedback from expert musicians
  • Multiple lessons for all skill levels
  • Lessons for singing and a lot of other instruments, not just guitar

Notable Features

Before paying for any online course, you want to explore everything the lessons promise to offer.

In addition, you don’t want a complicated lesson. Because some of the online lesson platforms are weirdly complicated with a non-intuitive user interface.

Here’s what Artistworks promises to offer every student after enrolling:

Ease of access

When students enroll in Artistworks, they’re immediately granted access to the course dashboard containing each section of the lesson.

The lessons are sectioned from beginner to advanced, making it convenient for students from all skill levels to work.

One thing to be aware of for smartphone lovers: Artistworks is not available as an Android or iOS app. The platform works best on your laptop or desktop computer.

One unique feature of Artistworks is it allows students to make a video of their practice section and upload it on the dashboard. This process is completely easy to set up. No tech issues! And in case of any tech complication, they do have a support service.

ArtistWorks is so easy to navigate, and the dashboard of the course is intuitive and easy to understand. Students can stream lessons from anywhere, even from the comfort of home. And in case a point is missed, the lessons can be slowed down to learn all your favorite licks as slow or fast as you want.

Lessons And Courses from Experts

Each individual course video tends to be fairly short. This is actually great news for people who get easily bored with large amounts of information. Oftentimes guitarists will spend only about 10 minutes on each lesson before moving over to the next one.

Students begin with an introductory video which works them through main lessons. For instance, guitarists who want to master the blues will start with a foundational section where they have access to over 30 videos to get started with the basis of the genre.

When students feel they’ve mastered the introductory section, they can proceed to the intermediate and the advanced section of the group. Of course, advanced musicians need not waste time going through the beginner’s video. There’s a freedom to start wherever you want in any given course, which adds a nice flexibility to Artistworks lessons.

Apart from catering to students across all skill levels, ArtistWorks also features a nifty style section where artists can get more knowledge of subgenres, various playing styles, and top grade techniques taught by world-class instructors.

ArtistWorks Guitar Teachers

One of the unique parts of Artistworks is their reputable instructors. They have some of the biggest names, including guitar geniuses and acoustic legends.

Check out just three of their key instructors and you’ll see what I mean:

1. Paul Gilbert

Paul handles the electric Rock Guitar course. Gilbert started playing music at age 5 and he has been a prestigious member of the popular Racer X and Mr. Big. Gilbert has been shredding guitar for the past 3 decades and it’s evident in his mastery over the instrument and his skilled teaching.

2. Bryan Sutton

Sutton is a multi-talented musician who is known mostly for his legendary bluegrass flatpicking guitar skills.

His impressive acoustic sound is loved by a lot of bluegrass fans. He has been around for over 3 decades as a professional, and even expert flatpickers will have a thing or two to learn from Bryan.

3. Keith Wyatt

Although most ArtistWorks instructors have been playing music for many decades, only a few have been teaching for that long.

One of them is Keith Wyatt. He has been a professional electric guitar teacher since the 1980s, and he has gained more traction since his days as an ArtistWorks instructor.

ArtistWorks for Bluegrass Guitar Lessons

ArtistWorks is a particularly great platform if you’re looking to learn bluegrass guitar online. This is because they have access to one of the teachers mentioned above, Bryan Sutton.

Bryan is passionate about teaching his craft to other guitarists. With Bryan Suttons’ ArtistWorks bluegrass guitar course you get access to one of the very best bluegrass guitarists ever, as he walks you through his playing step by step.

This is my #1 recommendation if you really want to cut your learning curve and become great at playing bluegrass guitar.

You can read more about Bryan’s excellent course here.

Bryan’s bluegrass guitar lessons on ArtistWorks are one of their most popular and best-received courses on the platform.

How Much Does ArtistWorks Cost? Plans & Pricing

Thinking about joining Artistworks? The course is available in three different pricing plans. Students can choose a 3 month, 6 month, or 1-year long plan.

All of the three plans allow students to watch the videos that suit their interests, and allow them to work at their desired pace.

However, resources and video submission limits (for personalized feedback) vary from plan to plan:

  • The 3 month plan enables students to access 5 video exchange submissions.
  • The 6 month plan allows up to 12 submissions.
  • The year-long plan comes with as much submission as possible (unlimited submission). 

Bottom Line: Is ArtistWorks Worth It?

Overall, I think Artistworks‘ flexible lessons and plans are a great start for someone looking for expert guitar help on a regular basis.

They have a world-class guitar instructor lineup, and it’s pretty cool that you’re able to get personalized individual feedback from these pros, especially in an online guitar course.

So even though the course is a little on the higher side of the price spectrum, I think it’s well worth it if it matches your goals and musical interests.

You can learn more about ArtistWorks here.

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