Are Loog Guitars Good? Guide + FAQ

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Loog makes some of the most popular guitars for kids who are starting out on the instrument. However, because they’re a smaller company (compared to say, Fender, or Yamaha) many players still have questions about Loog guitars.

Perhaps the most popular question is: Are Loog Guitars Good?

Yes, Loog makes some of the best guitars on the market for children and younger players. They also offer both acoustic and electric models. Their unique designs are crafted to fit kids’ smaller hands and bodies, making them more comfortable than many standard beginner guitars.

Below, we’ll take a look at what makes Loog guitars a good choice. However, there are some other popular questions about Loog guitars that I’d like to address.

Where Are Loog Guitars Made?

Loog guitars are made in China. This helps them keep costs low, while still maintaining high quality standards for their guitars. Though the company has global reach, it’s still a relatively small operation, as made clear in this article from their website:

Less than ten people in Uruguay, a small factory in China, a US-based distributor and the Internet have made Loog Guitars jump from a crowdfunding platform to becoming a successful global company.

What Makes Loog Guitars Different?

Loog guitars are one of the few companies designed specifically with children in mind. Everything, even down to the shape of the guitar, has been custom crafted to suit a child’s smaller frame. This may make for a much easier learning experience than traditional guitars.

Furthermore, Loog guitars only feature the top three strings of a regular six-stringed guitar: the G, B, and E string. This means that every song you’d like to play is still playable, but learning the guitar is essentially half as complicated by taking half the strings out of the equation.

This also builds a great foundation. After mastering the first 3 strings on a Loog instrument, a young player could move on to a full sized model when they are old enough. By that time, they’d already have a great foundational understanding of the guitar.

What’s the Best Loog Guitar?

What Loog guitar is best will depend on you or your child’s individual preferences.

Their most popular model is the Loog mini, designed for children age 3 and up. This comes in both an electric and acoustic model. However, the electric is only available for preorders at this time.

The Loog pro is the 2nd most popular model, designed for children 8 and up. Again, this guitar comes in both an electric and acoustic model, but the electric is only available for preorders at this time.

What to learn first on a Loog guitar?

It’s never been easier to learn guitar online – but there’s so much information that it can still be hard getting started. That’s why I wrote up a guide on 50 songs that are perfect for beginner acoustic guitar players.

The list includes full tabs, chord sheets, and even video lessons for each song. I think it’ll definitely help you out! You can check it out here:

How Do You Maintain A Loog Guitar?

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