Guitar Care & Maintenance Essentials

The following links will bring you to, where you can pick up my recommended care and maintenance gear for very cheap!

Fretboard Care:

The fretboard is arguably the most important area of your guitar to maintain. And doing so is surprisingly simple: all you really need are two things: a high quality lemon oil or polishing oil, and some 0000 steel wool (the best stuff for cleaning that finger gunk off your fretboard). Here are my #1 choices from Amazon:

Lemon Oil / Fretboard Oil

Steel Wool

The Ultimate Acoustic Guitar Care, Maintenance & Buyer’s Guide:

This book walks you through all the nitty gritty details of owning a guitar – breaking down step-by-step all the stuff that took me a decade to learn on my own.

My Ultimate Buyer’s and Maintenance Guide – Available on Amazon

In this book you’ll discover:

  • how to choose a guitar
    • (including what to look for in tonewoods, guitar body styles, how to get a good price, whether to buy used or new, etc)
    • also includes a curated guide to the 10 best acoustic guitars for beginners
  • how to choose guitar strings, and make them last 10x longer
  • how to maintain your instrument for a lifetime
    • caring for the fretboard
      • should you use fretboard oil? how often?
    • adjusting the truss rod
    • traveling with your instrument safely
    • how to store and display your guitar safely
  • what to learn first on guitar (fingerpicking? flatpicking? etc)
    • where to learn it… AKA how to teach yourself for FREE
  • 30 secret hacks to unleash unstoppable guitar motivation, and stay in love with the instrument for the rest of your life
  • much more

You can pick up my Ultimate Buyer’s and Maintenance Guide on Amazon.