Bluegrass Guitar for Beginners: A Crash Course Guide

Bluegrass Guitar for Beginners A Crash Course Guide

Take the Guesswork and Overwhelm Out of Learning Bluegrass Guitar, Once and For All!

From the Desk of Corbin Buff

Dear friend,

Want to learn bluegrass guitar, but overwhelmed and confused about how to get started?

You’re not alone.

In fact, I was in the same place just a few years ago…

I loved bluegrass, but with all the songs, flatpicking techniques, and different playing styles, I had no idea what my first steps should be to get started in this awesome genre.

But, I was determined to play bluegrass music.

So I sifted through hours of YouTube video lessons…

Transcribed my favorite players’ licks by ear…

And even started all over again at several points along the way, when it turned out I was doing things wrong!

Finally, after years, I “cracked the code” and things finally started to click in my bluegrass playing.

I was able to play my favorite bluegrass songs in my own style, all the way through:

Plus, I could finally play lead and rhythm bluegrass guitar at my local bluegrass circle with friends:

bluegrass circle with guitars

So, what does this mean for you? Well, that’s the best part:

I want to “crack the code” of bluegrass for you too.

Even better: I want to help you do it as soon as possible…

…and without the needless stress, confusion, and overwhelm that I went through figuring all this out on my own over the years.

That’s why Bluegrass Guitar for Beginners is designed to shave years off your learning curve by teaching you:

  • The best guitars for bluegrass music
  • The 3 easy chords that unlock hundreds of bluegrass songs
  • 5 easy bluegrass songs you can learn right now
  • Essential strumming patterns and flatpicking licks
  • A crash course on crosspicking
  • And much, much more…

I’m basically giving you all the fundamentals of bluegrass music in as simple a process as possible. Plus, I deliver these lessons in the exact order you need to learn them in.

Inside you’ll find video lessons for strumming, licks, and more.

So this is quite literally a $99 value, now available for just $29…

Why give it away for so cheap?

Because this is the exact resource I wish I had starting out learning bluegrass guitar…

And now I want it to be accessible to as many guitarists as possible.

So take advantage of the limited-time low price now and get your copy of Bluegrass Guitar for Beginners: